Baby Products Safety Policy

Here at DreamCart we find the most helpful products for your children, but it is up to the parent to look after the child when they're using the product which is why we take no responsibility if a child is injured using our products.

Baby Support Pillow:

Our Baby Support Pillow is ideal for the stroller. It also offers great support in the crib ONLY IF the baby is supervised - any object in a crib is a suffocation risk if left unsupervised.
If you are using it in your car seat we recommend you double-check with your car seat manufacturer. 

The usage of the pillow is dependent on the parent/guardian, if the pillow is used in the car seat without checking with the car seat manufacturer if the pillow is safe, and if the child is injured during a car crash, DreamCart takes no responsibility for that or any other injury that may be brought to the child. 

ComfortMax Mesh Shoes

If your child is injured while using our ComfortMax Mesh Shoes, DreamCart takes no responsibility. The parent/guardian must supervise the child at all times.